Canon DSLR Tips

Have you seen how the pros take pictures with their Canon DSLR cameras? Do you wish you could be at the same level as they are? Getting the most of your EOS and taking pictures like the pros need not be difficult. I have put together some practical Canon DSLR tips that you caneasily apply to your projects.

Go for raw image

Your Canon DSLR camera has a lot of options for image quality but the minimally processed raw image will always give you the best result. It gives you greater flexibility when it comes to editing the files later on and it has a wide range of tones. One caveat though, it takes a lot of space on your card but with storage getting bigger and cheaper, it should not be much of a problem.

Choose large JPEG

There are times that you would need to use large high quality JPEG with your Canon DSLR. By shooting high quality and lightly compressed JPEG rather than raw, you save yourself the hassle of editing your images. And because editing is limited with JPEG formats, you need to develop the right shooting discipline and master exposure. Most of all, you save a lot of space when you use the JPEG option.

Update your firmware

The firmware is the operating system of the camera and a simple update can improve the user experience, fix bugs and add functionality to it. You can easily download the latest version of your camera’s firmware from Canon’s website together with the installation instructions. Updating is not hard to do and the good news is the firmware itself is free.

Live View is your friend

Canon DSLRAll those lines, graphs and symbols might look daunting at first but the Live View is your friend. It gives you an idea as to what your camera sees through the rear LCD monitor and this is the more important tool to master. It removes any element of doubt because you see the image in real time.

Adjust the Viewfinder

We all have different range of view and in order to see clearly, you have to adjust the Viewfinder. The small thumbwheel called the Dioptre at the top-right corner of the Viewfinder is what you use to adjust it. Once you discover the secrets in using the Viewfinder, composing, exposing and focusing will become second nature to you.

Wasn’t that easy? These are just a few Canon DSLR tips that you can experiment on your next project. Just remember that your Canon DSLR packs up cool features that can satisfy the artist in you. 

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