back of canon eos 6d reviewThe Canon EOS 6D is billed with the tag phrase “Unlock Your Vision”. Which would be nice, if I found myself locked in. As it is, though, there are a few vision aspects that the EOS 6D needs to unlock. Indeed, it doesn’t seem to have a specific market, but rather aims to appeal to everyone, helping solidify the “mid-range full-frame DSLR” as a market.

Canon App and Wifi Control

This camera does have some interesting additions to help buoy it; for starters, it includes a built in WiFi and GPS. The WiFi, when used in conjunction with Canon’s App, allows for control of a camera via smartphone; unfortunately, if you want to quickly upload files to social media using this app, you must upload them through an account on Canon’s Image Gateway.

The GPS is interesting, and good for those who have a strong desire to know exactly where they shot something, or perhaps are forgetful of those details. However, reviewers have found this a bit spotty, and a bit of a battery drain when it can’t locate itself.

Video Features

canon eos 6d review by jon acostaFor video shooting, the EOS 6D can do 24, 25, or 30 fps at a full 1080p HD, or, at 720p, allows 50 or 60 fps. It does automatically split files larger than 4GB, which is useful during extended recording. It also allows for timecoding both during recording only, or at all times.

You can also choose your compression format, between All-I and IPB. There is, however, no touchscreen in the viewfinder, and reduced auto-focus finesse and speed during movie mode. You also can’t enable continuous auto-focus, but instead have to rely on holding down the AF-ON button.

The viewfinder also only offers 97% coverage. While 3% isn’t a large amount, it is an amount, which any filmmaker would want to eliminate. The video has been described as “good, but not great”.


For picture-taking, the EOS 6D fairs moderately well. It shoots at 20 megapixels, and offers continuous shooting at around 4.2 frames per second. The autofocus is faster in picture mode, and works silently.

Also noticeably absent is a decent microphone and built-in flash. It does allow for an external microphone through a 3.5mm input, the built-in microphone was largely abandoned to make room for other tricks. The flash was an interesting choice, given who this camera seems to be marketed toward; any pro will be fine, with their own series of flashes, however, it seems that this camera wasn’t really built for the pros.

Video Review from Seasoned Photographers at “The Camera Store TV”

Final Thoughts…

Overall, the EOS 6D is functional. It has some interesting quirks, but is largely a middle-of the road type camera for those who want to approximate the flashiness of a great one without the price. Telling, perhaps, is the Features section of Canon’s own description of the camera: eleven features are listed, followed by a terse “Other features.” While reading, I was left thinking “Yes, that’s why I clicked there.” So I can describe it using two words: “A camera.”

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