canon t5i release date body EOS 700d

Canon’s new EOS Rebel t5i body

Canon’s latest Rebel T5i is set to be released this month (April 30th to be exact), and though it has a few new features, the short 9 months since the previous Rebel (T4i) means that it is largely the same as the last. Innovation seems to have been muted, with only a few ideas on the chalk board. However, there are some notable additions for the videographically-inclined.


Sexy Swivel

The display for the camera is a tilt/swivel display with a touch screen interface. The button controls remain, and have been raised slightly, however are largely the same as previous Rebels. The touch screen offers the “touch to focus” feature while filming, and the ability to pinch to zoom while in playback mode. However, this can slow down the playback; it doesn’t work as well as a tablet or smartphone.

The tilt/swivel display, while nice for filming in various circumstances, is largely the same as the previous Rebel. It isn’t a step up in any observable way. It works, but won’t wow you if you’ve used previous Canons.

The basic lens kit is fitted for Canon’s STM series of lenses, notable for the quiet auto-focus it brings to filming. The camera itself also includes multi-shot noise reduction, another benefit for the camera-person.

canon t5i swivel screen shooting in 1080p. A hell of an awesome EOS DSLR. Also called the Canon 700d

Canon’s 700D/t5i with a swivel screen! Aawww yeah!

Built For DSLR Video

Indeed, Canon seems to be gearing this camera toward the filming-inclined. Among the new features is a Full HD movie mode, allowing 1080p video capture at various recording sizes and frame rates (24 to 30 fps); if you scale down to 720p HD, it can film up to 60fps. It offers continuous auto-focus with focus tracking for moving objects, giving a faster, smoother autofocus. It does this through Canon’s own Hybrid CMOS AF System and Movie Servo AF. General reviews are that it does smooth the focus, however it can be slow to respond or react.

It also comes equipped with a built-in stereo microphone and manual audio level adjustment. Luckily, it does allow for additional stereo mics. There were no readily available tests of the built-in microphone, but it’s pretty safe to say that most video-makers will want something better.

In a Nutshell…

The Rebel T5i is a new fish that bears many of the traits of its parents. As far as evolution goes, this is the equivalent of a slightly larger dorsal fin. It adds some minor improvements, but is largely underwhelming. A side by side comparison of the T5i and the T4i is worth your while before deciding if you need to upgrade. That being said, it’s nice to see Canon’s lower end DSLRs finally being geared more toward videographers.

Hands-On video Preview of Awesomeness!

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