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Canon 6D seen with a Canon EF lens

Canon cameras are perhaps the biggest rivals to the Nikon world. Canon has produced some amazing cameras that have improved over the years. The new canon 6D is finally here. This addition to the canon family has made photography close to everyone’s reach.

The Canon 6D is a full frame camera with 20.2 megapixel 35mm CMOS sensor. This is the world’s lightest full frame camera. This piece was created for maintaining the rivalry with Nikon’s D600.


The canon 6D has a powerful sensor with 20.2 effective megapixels. The Full frame format of the sensor allows you to capture moments in the highest form of clarity. The DIGIC 5+ imaging processor expands your clicking capabilities. This is about three times faster than its predecessor, the DIGIC 5.

The sensor has a standard ISO up to 25600 and is expandable to 102400. This wide range in ISO settings (100 – 102400) allows you to click in different light conditions. All your exposure requirements are met by the 6D. Clubbed with the high speed image processor and the full frame sensor, you can click amazing pictures in low light conditions with minimal noise.

Thanks to the high speed processor, the canon 6D captures at 4.5 frames per second. You are sure not to miss a moment. The HDR or High Dynamic Range mode is the new innovation in the photography sector. Capture three images of the same scene or object! If one is over exposed, the other under exposed and the last one somewhere in the middle, your 6D will merge and bring out a vivid and perfectly exposed picture for you.

Capture videos in full High Definition. Switch to live view mode and record some priced moments in 1920 x 1080 at 25 frames per second.

Wi-Fi in a Camera?! Yup.

The greatest innovation that reached the camera till date is the option of Wi-Fi. No more worrying to transfer images to the computer and then uploading it! Connect and share through Canon image Gateway. Not only can you share your images on the various social media sites, but the wireless LAN feature allows you to transfer images to your smartphones or even view them on DLNA certified media players.

The new addition to this LAN feature is the EOS remote application. This allows you to control your 6D from your iPhone or Android. Just connect your phone to the 6D LAN through the EOS remote app, and your smartphone screen will double as a live-view screen. This will help you adjust your focus and other settings and even shoot from your smartphones. Most of your features are right in the palm of your hands. Connect to Wi-Fi enabled printers and print all your pictures.

Another addition to the 6D is the built in GPS. This allows you to keep a track of the different places you visited and clicked pictures. Track your various shooting points and you can use the information to go back to the place where you shot a certain image.

The 6D is the most tech savvy camera yet from Canon. Photography is growing to be more on the “easy” side of life!

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