mindmeld vulcan spockAlthough I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to this year’s CES (2013) in Las Vegas, I made sure to stay in tune with what was happening at the conference. One company in particular that struck me as absolutely brilliant was a little San Francisco startup known as Expect Labs, which created a sweet new app called Mindmeld.

What The Hell is Mindmeld?!

mindmeld interfaceImagine  you’re having a conversation with your significant other about your weekend plans. As you talk about places to go out to eat or what movie the two of you should catch, an app is actively listening and pulling up the highest rated films at the box office to date, as well as the top two steak joints in your city (or vegan, organic, WhateverItIsThatYourInto type of restaurant). All of this happens while continuously updating the results with anything else that your conversation might entail.

In a nutshell, Mindmeld is a new voice conferencing app that allows you to chat with up to 8 people at once. As your conference happens Mindmeld pulls up information related to your conversation in realtime! And we’re not talking a simple little “Google search”. Ohhh no, sir.

Mindmeld  actually grabs information from various sources and places it at your fingertips in an intuitive fashion. This allows the conversation to be presented with information that is relevant, accurate, and most importantly… HELPFUL.

Check out this advertisement Expect Labs released to showcase the features of Mindmeld at CES 2013:

How Does It Work?

Mindmeld is significant because rather than sampling previous data from your web searches or downloads, this app analyzes your previous 10 minutes of your digital connectivity. Once analyzing, it  begins to anticipate what you might do next, while also analyzing your conversation in realtime for keywords. As this happens, Mindmeld develops an evolving framework of information that’s relevant to that current moment in your life.

Tim Tuttle (CEO of Expect Labs) explains, “We have a predictive model that changes second to second and surfaces relevant information without searching”, which allows for Expect Lab’s premiere app to gauge your usage even BEFORE you know you need something and with almost NO lag time.

mindmeld user interface appAnticipatory Computing = The Future

There’s no doubt in my mind that Tim Tuttle is essentially changing the world for us in a Steve Jobs-esque fashion. He’s even stated that he’ll be launching a full fledged platform for Mindmeld.

All of this “pushing” and “pulling” of information in real time in a unique and organic “information grabbing” experience is enough to get someone hot and bothered. Not to say that I feel that way! But it’s a damn cool thing to know that we’ve reached a point where technology is able to assist us without being spoon-fed of keywords that may or may not return accurate results.

This is only the begining for Expect Labs… and I can bet you now that Tuttle and his Mindmeld baby won’t be slowing down anytime soon.


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